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If you believe in hope, love and charity a d enjoy helping others, come volunteer with us.  At PCI you can help change lives and immediately see the difference you can make.

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Hand Up Not Hand Out

If you or someone you know needs, but cannot afford clothing, shoes, household goods, small appliances, prescriptions, utility bills paid, etc., PCI will assist in meeting the needs through one of three programs:


PCI gives assistance to those are who are without funds and are trying to  improve their lives.

Work Program

PCI allows recipients to work for $8.00 hourly in exchange for specific needs.

Referral Program

PCI helps recipients connect with others in the community to meet the needs PCI alone cannot meet.

Amazing Support From Parents Club!

Parents’ Club, Inc. fills the gaps, and has for twenty (20) years. We are a safety net for the people who cannot get help through other resources due to program restrictions.

    • We provide clothing, furniture, appliances, etc. For burnouts, shut-ins, elderly, handicapped and disabled veterans.
    • We give foster parents clothing and toys when foster children are dropped off in the middle of the night with “nothing”.
    • We help grandparents on fixed incomes who are raising their grandchildren and great grandchildren.
    • We provide job training and employment skills for people who have no successful job experiences including the mentally challenged people.
    • Recovering alcoholics or drug/substance abusers come to Parents’ Club Inc. for showers, clean clothes, and food.
    • Mental Health patients learn people skills and job skills at Parents’ Club, Inc.
    • Parents’ Club, Inc., helps our diverse ethnic populations meet their unique needs by holding their hands and walking them through the processes of the different help agencies-medicine, housing, employment, schools, daycare, etc.

Our Mission:

“Through Faith & Charity We Will Strengthen Communities One Family At A Time”