Success For Life

The Center 4 Change is a behavioral health agency offering assistance to children, adolescents, teens, young adults, and families that may have the symptoms of:


  • Aggressive Behavior
  • Emotional Withdrawal
  • Lack of Emotional Control
  • Lack of Academic Success
  • Poor Self-Motivation
  • Depression, Anxiety, Stress
  • Family Conflict


The Center 4 Change team evaluates the symptoms and develops individualized goals for each potential client, moving them towards a more successful and productive life. A few of the services we offer are:

Family/Parenting, Anger Management, Behavioral and Mental, Educational Guidance and Support, Depression or Anxiety, and Independent Living Skills.

Mental Health Counseling

Center 4 Change offers Psychologists, Clinical and School.

Licensed Therapists
Licensed Alcohol/Drug Counselors
Licensed Clinical Social Workers
Career Development Counselors

Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Specialists
Drug/Alcohol Rehab
Academic Intervention
Social Skills
Parent Education
Teaching Coping Skills & Life Skills
Behavioral Analysis
Behavioral Modification
Parent Training

Certified Case Managers
Advocate, Link, Refer, Research

If you have any of the issues listed below and would like to fill out a questionnaire please click the link here.