Parents Club, Inc. Provides:

1. Family and Individual Counseling for moms, dads, teens and children.

2. Intervention through education, spiritual guidance, mentoring and rehabilitation.

3. Skilled training and job placement for TANF recipients, victims of domestic abuse, ex-prisoners, and others who need job training experience. Training is also available for individuals with physical and mental handicaps.

4. Basic needs may be met through PCI’s work program.

5. Community Service and Assistance: Schools, 4-H, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Churches, Indian Nations and Veterans.

6. Great Coat Give-Away: Beginning October 1 through October 31, coats are given away annually.

7. Domestic Assistance through referrals and linkages, partnerships, community and by working with agencies such as Red Cross in times of disaster (fire, tornado, etc.)

8. Clothing, Household needs and personal hygiene items for victims of domestic abuse, persons trying to recover from drugs/alcohol addiction, and the homeless.

9. Free Bibles– PCI gives new/used Holy Bibles to anyone who requests one.

Parents Club History

Twenty years ago, PCI became a 501 (c) 3 on November 16, 1994. Since its inception, PCI has worked hard and received recognition at local, state, and national level for the success in “Filling the Gaps.” We have been received the Channel Six Spirit Award, Oklahoma Association of RC&D Councils three times for our work in reducing child abuse, school dropouts, drug and alcohol abuse, teen pregnancy and other factors contributing to illiteracy and unemployment.

Because there are many people with needs who do not fit the criteria for help offered by many churches, social or private organizations, PCI is their safety net. Parents Club, Inc. is not a duplication of services. It is difficult to get a job without experience, or get a house without a job, or buy clothes for your children without money…except at Parents’ Club, Inc.

We provide clothing, furniture, appliances, etc. for those who cannot afford the basic needs. Those who suffer devastation, such as fire, tornado, or domestic violence, can get help any time–day or night. Other ways we have been able to help:


  • Scholarships for Boys and Girls Club for children whose family can’t afford the membership.
  • Co-pays for prescription medication.
  • Appliances, such as air-conditioners and stoves, for shut-ins, elderly, handicapped, and disabled veterans.
  • Clothing and toys for foster parents when foster children are dropped in on them usually with “nothing”.
  • Advocate and assist with basic needs for grandparents on fixed incomes who are raising their grandchildren and great grandchildren.
  • Space for churches to advocate for our Lord, Jesus Christ.
  • Stuffed animals are given the bus ministries of churches and the Oklahoma Highway Patrol and our local and county police departments to comfort children removed from homes or car accidents.
  • Shoes and clothes for missionaries to take to Mexico and Africa and anywhere else God sends them.
  • Coats to the reservations in South Dakota and Arizona.
  • We provide space for short-term community projects, such as Make a Difference Day, involving family unity.
  • Job training and employment skills for people who have not had job experience or successful job experiences.
  • Job-training programs for mentally challenged people and recovering alcoholics or drug/substance abusers. [Earl], a man holding a sign “Will work for food,” was brought to PCI. He built a shelf and stacked some lumber for food. We helped him find a place to live and employment. He is now an asset to our community.
  • In our society, ex-prisoners have a hard time finding a door to re-enter society as a productive citizen. Most companies will not hire anyone who has had a felony. PCI helps ex-prisoners find a job to begin supporting their families again.
  • Jpb training, placement and career counseling for TANF clients preparing to leave the governmental system and enter the workforce. Often TANF clients have no job skills and no work histories–two things needed to get a job that will pay enough to support a family. PCI provides them with the opportunity to get both “before their checks run out.”
  • Mental Health patients learn people and job skills at Parents Club, Inc. We provide referral information for individual, group, and family counseling for families experiencing dysfunction.
  • Volunteers at Parents Club, Inc. help place responsible workers in employment situations when other agencies have been unable to do so.
  • Parents Club, Inc. helps our diverse ethnic populations meet their unique needs by holding their hands and walking them through the processes of the different help agencies–medicine, housing, employment, school, daycare, etc.
  • Our community has come to depend on us for many things. We started the Parents As Teachers Programs in twenty-two schools in Choctaw Nation. We started the Child Care Resource and Referral Service that has now moved to Southeastern Oklahoma University. We provide training for child care workers to meet the educational requirements to maintain their jobs and centers.
  • A work program for people on fixed incomes or low to moderate incomes who need things but cannot afford them. They volunteer at $8.00/hour in exchange for goods.
  • Parents Club, Inc. helps people help themselves and their families and maintain their dignity

Volunteers and our community and surrounding communities are very supportive in donating goods. People donate things on a daily basis. Several churches clean out their clothes closets and donate them to Parents’ Club, Inc. Instead of having to store the clothing themselves, they send people with free vouchers to Parents’ Club, Inc. (Example included.) Volunteers keep Parents’ Club, Inc. open. Some drive more than 25 miles–one way–to work all day to provide the needs of our communities.

Barbara Countz

Volunteer Executive Director

Janet Daniels

Regional Manager

Donna Haynes

Board Member